Terms and Conditions - Private Sellers

These 'Terms & Conditions' must be read in conjunction with the general site 'Terms & Conditions'.

Aurthorisation to advertise

With respect to any property or business you list on this website.
1. You warrant that you are either the property owner or business owner, or have a signed authority from the property owner or business owner to list the property, properties, business or businesses on this website.
2. You warrant that you are authorised to use the material submitted or uploaded to this website.
3. You also warrant that the content of your listing or advertisement is not misleading to the public.


As the property information on this website is supplied by third parties. Australian Beachfront Real Estate Pty Ltd (the owner of this website) disclaims all liability and resposibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may arise or be suffered by any recepient from relying on any anything contained in or omitted from this internet site. This applies to both advertisers and users. By using this website you agree to idemnify Australian Beachfront Real Estate Pty Ltd and it's Directors from and against all actions, claims,suits, demands, damages, liabilites costs or expenses arising from any use of this website, or any failure to host or maintain the website without interruption

Private Sale advertisers are only permitted to list one property unless otherwise agreed

Sale price of property listing.

To protect the integrity of our website, it is a condition that the sale price of a property listing on our website must match the advertised price elsewhere. We consider advertising different sale prices is unacceptable. The advertiser must also update any price changes within five working days. Mark the listing as 'Sold' within five working days of an unconditional contract or mark the listing as 'Under Contract' within five working days.

Removing & relisting properties.

You must not remove a property listing and & then relist the same property for the purpose of making the property appear as a new listing. We reserve the right to remove any listing or advertiser who fails to comply with this condition.

Listing the same property twice.

A property may be listed more than once depending on its type. For example a B&B can be listed in the 'Business' menu and under the normal property for sale section, and in the 'Holiday for rent ' category. It is not acceptable to list the same property twice in the same section. The listing of a property or business in more than one section may involve an extra fee unless otherwise agreed.

Displaying images for listing puposes.

We may accept lifestyle images to be used for the purposes of advertising a property. This is dependant on the type of listing and if accepted the images must be placed at the end of the queue.  We do however accept and encourage images of the view from the property out to the ocean or beach etc. It is not acceptable to use photographs of other properties or images that are not associated with the advertised property or give viewers the false impression of views from the property. It is the responsibility of advertisers to ensure they have permission to use the the images for advertising on this website. We expect images to be at least of reasonable quality and free from borders. We reserve the right to refuse any images that we consider detracts from the quality of our viewers experience.

Use of inappropriate content.

You must not use our website for any unlawful, malicious or any improper pupose that may disclose personal, private or confidential information or defame, discredit another person or business, or infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Listing content

We reserve the rights to modify or make changes to the listing content to maintain the quality of our website www.beachfrontrealestate.com.au This may involve issuing you with directions to make the appropriate changes that we consider reasonable in the circumstances and are not covered in our 'Terms & Conditions'

In the event that we are unable to advertise your property for the entire 12 months (not including technical problems that may cause our website to go offline temporarily), we will refund your listing fee in full or on a pro rata basis.

Please note:  We are not Real Estate Agents and we take no part in the sale process. All enquiries are handled by the person whose name appears beside the listing. We do not take commissions or charge fees for the sale of a property or business.


Our website is viewed by many people from hundreds of cities and countries around the world and advertisers need to be cautious when handling telephone and email enquiries.
Information on avoiding scams and hoaxes can be found here at these websites www.staysmartonline.gov.au & www.scamwatch.gov.au
By using or listing a property or business on this website you agree to  indemnify Australian Beachfront Real Estate Pty Ltd and it's Directors from and against all actions, claims, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from any use of this website.